Welcome to Summer Recruitment for the Chi Psi Fraternity at the University of Georgia. First off, I would like to take this moment to personally welcome you to the best University in the Southeast and be among the first of many to say to you, Go Dawgs! I would also like to congratulate you on your decision to attend UGA. Even though it may be a cliché and you may have already heard it 50 times, the next four years actually will truly be the best time of your life. The friendships and bonds that you will create here in Athens will stay with you forever. As a brother of Chi Psi, I have had the unique privilege of creating many of these bonds. As Brothers of Chi Psi, we take a great deal of pride in our academic performance, our service to the community, our cultivation of elevated and refined friendships, the pursuit of being a true Gentleman, and also, having as much fun as we can during the best time of our lives.

           As a fraternity, Chi Psi is unlike any other because of our exciting history. Established in 1841, we are actually the oldest social fraternity ever founded in the country. We are also the first fraternity to have a fraternity house; called a lodge by members of Chi Psi, the first lodge was established at the University of Michigan in 1845. Chi Psi is also the first fraternity ever to have a traveling leadership consultant and the first to have an educational program that supplements the formal curriculum of college life. This program, the Program for Excellence, helps our Brothers understand the challenges they face and how to advance their lives intellectually, morally, and socially. The program also assists brothers in their professional maturation by pairing brothers with numerous employers across the Southeast as well as the entire country.

           In addition to a rich and exciting history, brothers of Chi Psi also keep one more very important value close to them. That value is fun. As of this fall, I will have been a brother of Chi Psi for a little over a year and a half. In that time, I have been able to have the time of my life without allowing my academics to slip. All along the way, I have had the privilege of having some of the best guys that I have ever met right along side. Whether it’s going down to Jacksonville to cheer on the Dawgs against the Gators, or driving up to Myrtle Beach for a fun weekend at Formal, we like to make the best of the four short years that we have attending the University of Georgia. In addition to our out of town events, we also boast an exciting calendar each semester filled with themed socials with sororities, active philanthropies benefiting our community, brotherhood events, creative and original date nights, themed parties, as well as turning Recruitment into an opportunity to create new friendships and have an awesome time while doing so.

           All of this is just a small taste of all that Chi Psi has to offer. Both all of my brothers as well as myself would like nothing more than to share even more about our fraternity with you. We are also excited about the opportunity to show you what we have to offer towards your collegiate years as you begin the best time of your life. If you have any questions about Chi Psi, Summer Recruitment, or my experiences, please do not hesitate to contact me by either my email address or my Personal number below. Additionally, if you have any questions about UGA, Greek Life, or just Athens in general, I would be happy to speak with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Best Regards,

Cameron Collins & Eduardo Merino

To Potential Rushees: Please contact us with any questions about rush, Chi Psi, or Greek Life at The University of Georgia. Keep in mind that every brother was once a rushee and had many of the same questions as you do. Every Brother understands the rush process well, and any and all questions are welcome.

To Alumni: If you are aware of any potential new members who are either currently enrolled at The University of Georgia or will be enrolling in the Fall, please let us know so that we may contact them.

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