Parents Club

On Parents Weekend of 2015 (November 6, 2015), a group of parents of Chi Psi brothers and pledges of Alpha Alpha Delta came together around a common objective and mission:  “To provide the opportunity for parents/step parents/family and legal guardians of Alpha Delta of Chi Psi members to support their son’s Fraternity experience and to establish interactive relationships with other parents.”  And so it began, as a small group of motivated parents began a mission of support and service to the brotherhood into which their sons had entered.  The organization provides its own form of networking and fellowship, and achieves the additional purpose of raising funds in support of the continued growth and improvement of the Alpha as well as the Lodge.  In just first couple of years since its formation, the Parents Club has provided funding for the refinishing of the floors in the lodge, has provided new portable seating for meetings, flatware and other wares for the newly-renovated kitchen, and has helped to subsidize recruitment efforts.  The members have also conducted work and clean-up days at the Lodge, engaging with the actives and pledges for hard-working fun and fellowship. The Club is constantly contemplating new means of supporting these young men, and your involvement and input is not only welcomed, it is encouraged.  Please take a moment to consider engaging with the Parents Club – you will be glad you did.

Contact Bill Wadsworth for further information:

Bill Wadsworth, President

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