Local History

On Thursday, April 10th 1890, the Chi Psi National Convention voted to grant alpha status to 9 young men at the University of Georgia. Immediately, a short telegram was forwarded to the new members in Georgia. All the telegram said was: “GRANTED; ACCEPT CONGRATULATIONS” From the day that telegram reached Athens in 1890 to the early 2000’s Chi Psi has been among the best fraternities at UGA and one of the best chapters in Chi Psi.

Chi Psi Refounded at UGA in 2011. The Brothers of the Refounding class looked forward to re-establishing Chi Psi on the principles it was founded upon over 120 years ago. We hope to make a positive impact in the Greek Community as well as our local community. With rich tradition, a storied history, strong alumni support, along with commited members we seek to make a difference and leave a legacy that will last far longer than our four years at the Universtiy of Georgia. “We are excited about our future in hopes that it will honor our past.”

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