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Why join a fraternity?

It is not unusual to hear a fraternity man credit his fraternity for contributing more to his education than the classes he attended at college. Why?

As a new student to the University of Georgia, you are no doubt being hit with a barrage of information about the wide variety of experiences that college life has to offer. Spend as much time as possible reading and evaluating this information, the things that you will learn are not fabrication, and if you’re serious about making the most of college and life, you will find them important.

Here at the University of Georgia, you will get a first-class education inside of the classroom from quality faculty. However, you will do your greatest learning outside the classroom, and you will develop your lifelong friendships from those you meet in organizations.

And guess what? It is these things which the Greek system is best at helping develop. This learning outside of the classroom is what makes the Greek system what it is. Banding together as a group of individuals with common objectives fosters an atmosphere in which leadership, communication, conflict management and interpersonal skills are demanded. Out of this need, springs learning, adapting and personal growth. Fraternity life, above all the many other benefits it offers, gives you practice for life in the real world.

So, when you hear a fraternity man credit his success to his fraternity…believe him!

Benefits of Greek Life

  • Out of the 5,000 general fraternity chapters, a majority consistently achieve higher grade point averages than the all male averages.
  • 65% of fraternity members graduate from college, compared with only 45% of non-members.
  • Of the current United States Senators and Representatives, 24% are fraternity members.
  • 85% of the U.S. Supreme Court Justices since 1910, have been Greek.
  • Of the nation’s 50 largest corporations, 43 are headed by Greeks.
  • 85% of Fortune 500 executives are fraternity members.
  • 71% of the Who’s Who in America listees are also fraternity members.

Why join Chi Psi?

Chi Psi at the University of Georgia offers a unique fraternity experience. Being a newly reestablished Alpha of Chi Psi, we are still in the building stage. This gives every new member the chance to leave his own mark on Chi Psi at UGA that will last a lifetime.

Although we are small in numbers, Chi Psi at UGA is fortunate enough to have very dedicated Alumni who have worked countless hours to ensure our successful return to the University of Georgia.

By joining Chi Psi, new members make a lifelong commitment to brotherhood and excellence. Chi Psi is also very focused on academics, enforcing mandatory study hours for every new member and Brothers who fall below the required GPA.

All in all, Chi Psi gives men a Fraternity experience that will not only effect their collegiate careers, but will also effect the rest of their lives. Once a Chi Psi, Always a Chi Psi!

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