Corporate Information

Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi Lodge Association

(1) Own and maintain the Lodge as a safe and comfortable place for the Active Brothers of the Chapter.
(2) Manage the lease agreement between the Lodge Association and Alpha Alpha Delta Chapter of Chi Psi.
(3) Ensure all debts associated with the Lodge property are paid in a timely manner, include mortgage, property insurance, and various service and repair contractors.

The Lodge Association is governed by a set of by-laws which provides for a 5-member Board of Directors, all volunteer alumni of AAD of Chi Psi, who meet quarterly at the Lodge.

The current Board is:
President:  Charlie Callihan, AD ‘74
Treasurer:  Yogi Patterson, AD ‘78
Secretary: John Aitkens, AD ’67
Director:  Bill Cooper AD ‘74
Director:  Herbert Bond, AD ‘74

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