Chi Psi

Chi Psi Fraternity is a strong presence at 32 of America’s finest institutions of higher learning, prevailing to the present day through its innovative and unique outlook. While some fraternal organizations see themselves as a club or meeting place for their members, Chi Psi has taken the idea of brotherhood to heart. With this spirit, we look back at our Alphas and our past with extreme pride, and await the future and the exciting change and advancement it will bring.



Chi Psi was founded on May 20, 1841 at Union College in Schenectady, New York. The eighth fraternity founded in the United States and the fifth at Union itself, Chi Psi was unique, being the first fraternity to be founded upon principles of brotherhood and as a social fraternity.

Chi Psi Firsts

Chi Psi has many first in the fraternity world: the first fraternity house (or Lodge) in 1846, the first full-time traveling leadership consultant and an educational program that supplements the formal curriculum of college life. Chi Psi’s Program for Excellence helps our Brothers understand the challenges they face, and how to advance their lives intellectually, morally, and socially.

Brothers for Life

Chi Psi recognizes that the bond of Brotherhood is eternal, and does not end after graduation. We are Brothers for life. Alumni play an important role in the Fraternity. A number of Alumni Clubs exist around the country, giving alumni the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Alumni also take an active part in the Fraternity’s Annual Convention.

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