The Future of Alpha Alpha Delta

“A few forsake the throng, and seek retirement for its proper use.” –Cowper


Since our founding at Alpha Pi at Union College in Schenectady, NY in 1841, the Brotherhood of Chi Psi has been one marked by courageousness and generosity.  It was with courage that the Brothers of Epsilon built the first Lodge; it was with generosity that our own Lodge on Lumpkin was idealized and brought to fruition.  Since April 11, 1890,  Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi has been a force at the University of Georgia.  Our Brothers have always exemplified our virtues of scholarship, leadership, and service.  Furthermore, our alumni have been the rocks, the great supports of the Lodge; these men provide the wisdom and guidance that is so vital to maintenance of tradition and the creation of the future.  Now, as a new generation of Brothers continue our legacy, it is imperative that our supports remain strong.  We ask you, Brothers of Chi Psi, to continue that support that has been steadfast. Help us continue the cultivation of elevated and refined friendships. Help knot the tie for gentlemen and brotherhood.Founders' Day

The Lodge at 320 S. Lumpkin St. was the greatest creation of our Alpha.  At the time of its dedication in 1960, the support of our Alumni was as strong as the columns which enveloped the building’s façade.  This dedication has continued to the present day, bringing about the re-establishment of our Alpha in 2011 and the re-acquiring of the Lodge at 1120 S. Milledge Ave. in 2012.  In 2015, we are embarking on a journey as great as any that have come before.  We are driving toward the expansion and, most importantly, the preservation of our Fraternity at this university.  This past April, at our Founders’ Day celebration, over 200 Active and Alumni Brothers answered the call for our future by donating over $2,000 in 15 minutes for Lodge preservation.  Additionally, thousands more has been raised, for the renovation of various facilities, such as the upstairs bathroom and the guest house (the Executive Lodge).  The success of this campaign to date is astounding; it shows just how strong the relationship between our Brothers continues to be.  However, we are not finished yet.

The property on which the current Lodge stands is one with as great a history as our Alpha. Originally, the structure was marked by a magnificent two story porch, reflecting the best qualities of Colonial Georgian architecture.  It is our hope that, within the very near future, we can re-create this great feature.  Also, so that our Alpha can continue to grow, it is urgent that the structure be expanded.  This is why we are calling on you, our Brothers, to continue our tradition of courageousness and generosity by donating to this campaign.  There is no price that can be put on brotherhood.  We have already come so far; with your help, we can see our dreams and goals be realizedIMG_0017

Chi Psi is the greatest social fraternity ever established; with your help, we can ensure that our Alpha at Georgia is the strongest for our university and our fraternity.

Chi Psis Ever,

Dylan G. Loveland ’18

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