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October-December Update

Good evening, readers!  Unfortunately, I failed in holding the promise I made to you in my last post, wherein I stated that I would be making updates every couple of weeks.  My last post was made in early October; it is now December.  Regardless of my shortcoming, the brothers of the Alpha Alpha Delta Lodge have been quite active.  Shortly after my last post, 10 new brothers were initiated to the Alpha. Additionally, fraternity-wide elections were held, several date-nights and socials occurred, and Spring recruitment has commenced.  This will be my last post as editor before passing on the torch to Brother Dylan Loveland, the newly-elected Lodge Historian. It has been a privilege and an honor to share with you all the events of the past year.  Looking forward, the future of Chi Psi at the University of Georgia seems very bright.


The Fall, 2014 Pledge Class performing a serenade   during Parents’ Weekend

On October 10, Alpha Alpha Delta initiated 10 new brothers to the fraternity.  These young men, embodying what we feel to be all the characteristics of a Chi Psi gentleman, make up the largest pledge class since the Alpha’s re-founding. Additionally, the class had a 100% retention rate from signing. The new members are as follows: Dino Nguyen, James Hernandez, Henry Young, Marlin Wright, Dylan Loveland, Henry “Hank” Rittiner, Michael Waggamon, Jonathan DuPre, and Fabio Pagliarulo.  Congratulations to all of our new Brothers!

On October 17, the Alpha hosted its annual ‘Merica Party.  The event welcomed numerous students from across the UGA campus, including a number of Spring 2015 recruits.  On October 31, the brothers of UGA Chi Psi traveled to St. Simon’s Island, Ga. for the 2014 renewal of “Frat Beach.”  The families of Brothers Evan Brakefield and Robert Freese were very hospitable in welcoming the Alpha to their vacation homes for the weekend; much fun was had by all.  The following weekend, the Alpha traveled to the Great Smoky Mountains and Gatlinburg, TN. for Mountain Weekend.  The Brothers enjoyed the gorgeous mountain weather, while sampling some of the local fare; two weekends of much needed relaxation and bonding.

On November 14, the Alpha hosted an ‘Ice Dawgs’ date night at the Classic Center Ice Arena.  The Brothers and their dates enjoyed a very exciting match between the respective clubs of UGA and the University of Alabama, and capped off the evening with a celebration in downtown Athens.  The Friday before Thanksgiving, the Alpha hosted a social with the Sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority.  Dressed as loggers (lumberjacks) and joggers, the members of the two organizations had the opportunity to mingle and strengthen inter-Greek connections. This past Friday, December 5, the Alpha hosted its last date night of the semester, when the Brothers and their dates danced the night away with a 1920’s swing dancing theme.  This unique date night was a fun learning experience for all.

In addition to initiation, trips, socials and date nights, the Brothers of Chi Psi UGA enjoyed a number of brotherhood events, ranging from bowling to bonfires to basketball; these events were exclusive to active Brothers.  However, the Alpha has also been hard at work hosting events pertaining to recruitment for the Spring semester.  As I write, two recruits have signed bids; tonight, the Fraternity is hosting a bonfire, where we hope to add to our number of accepts. Again, my apologies for not being more frequent in my posting.  I’ll be sure to nag the future editor every week or so to ensure more consistent updates. Happy Holidays!

Pledgeship and the semester thus far

This update is well overdue. A lot has happened since the last post concerning recruitment. However, just because I have not been as active on the website as I would have liked to have been, that doesn’t mean that Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi has not been doing great things on campus. It is quite the contrary; we have had a semester full of socials, tailgates, date nights, brotherhood events and all together good times. And we’re not even halfway through the semester! Since so many events haven’t been elaborated upon, I’ll go into detail on each event we’ve put together these past two months. So brace yourselves, because we’ve been fortunate enough to put on an event of some sort just about every week.

To start off, I’d like to congratulate our Fall 2014 pledge class of ten great young men. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of guys to take under our wing and teach to become gentlemen. They are well on their way to becoming what we deem acceptable of a man of Chi Psi. Also, a shoutout to pledge Marlin Wright is necessary for his spectacular job representing Chi Psi in Alpha Gamma Delta’s annual philanthropy event “Mr Milledge”. That being said, everybody has had a wonderful time getting to know these potential brothers.

As far as socials go, we have had two so far this semester – a Heroes & Villains one with Delta Gamma and a Luau with Gamma Sigma Sigma. Both nights were a really fun time and no complaints were heard from participants from either side. At our Heroes & Villains social, we all got an opportunity to live our childhood dreams and dress up as our favorite superheroes (or villains for the more chaotic of us). We saw a lot of creative outfits at what was one of our most successful socials yet! Since it’s not exactly in our social budget to fly every brother to Hawaii, we brought Hawaii to UGA at our luau social. We turned the lodge into a tropical resort and took the edge off in our tackiest floral shirts and straw hats.

We have had one date night so far this semester and another is coming up in just two short weeks. We held the first of what I hope to be many Braves date nights early this semester and it went very smoothly. There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending the night watching America’s pastime with my brothers and a pretty girl. Even with the Braves’ disappointing loss (and season as a whole…), we made the most of the night and cheered them on until the last pitch. I can only hope that our next date night – a casino date night – is just as much fun as the first.

An update on the fall semester wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t hit on UGA football. We have held tailgates for every home game this season, but the most notable of them were our annual alumni tailgate and parent’s weekend. We invited the alumni of Alpha Alpha Delta out to get pumped up before our game against the Tennessee. It was a great chance for younger members to get to know the brothers who came before them and Chi Psis of all ages had a fun time watching us defeat the Volunteers. The Friday before the Vanderbilt game, we hosted a catered dinner and invited the parents of every active member at Alpha Alpha Delta and the turnout was spectacular. We had a lot of fun reconnecting with some people we haven’t seen in a while and got to meet the parents of this semester’s pledge class. The next morning, we set up to tailgate all morning long for our 4 o’clock game. It was a great time for everyone who was able to make it.

Once again, I would like to apologize for not being able to keep you all updated as often as I should. Sorry for cramming so much information into one update, but from now on the posts will be more concise and more frequent. I plan on getting back to my weekly updates and lots of pictures will be posted as the semester goes on!

Summer Recruitment

We are about halfway through summer vacation and that means we’re getting very close to Fall 2014 rush week! Rather than waiting until August to try and find some good potential new brothers, we got an early start on recruitment and have been hosting events since early June. So far we’ve gotten groups together to go play paintball and enjoy a night at Turner Field watching the Braves duel the Angels. Both events had excellent turnout and we are very proud of our brothers’ participation even during the busy summer weeks. We have filed through the lists of possible recruits with a fine tooth comb and picked out the ones that we believe have what it takes to become a brother of Chi Psi. It has been a blast meeting these guys so far and the festivities are far from over; we’re going on some more creative events over the next month and a half to meet as many recruits as possible.

Final Week of School

Well, everybody, it’s finally come. Tomorrow is the last day of finals. Many students only had exams last week and are already moved out and back at home. For those of us who are still in Athens, we’ve been trying to make the most of this stressful, grade-changing week. Whether it’s studying together at the lodge, posting up at the Miller Learning Center, or taking a break to watch the NBA playoffs, we’re not letting this finals week bring us down.

Other than finals, there’s really not much to say. We’re happy to have had such a successful year and initiate twelve new brothers into the bonds of brotherhood over the 2013-2014 school year. Just like last year, we plan to have multiple events over the summer and hopefully bring in a couple of good recruits before the 2014-2015 school year even begins. We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

G-Day and Upcoming Events

UGA’s annual spring football game (G-Day) was this past Saturday. Seeing how we haven’t been able to have a Saturday game day in Athens in about five months, we were all very excited to tailgate, meet possible recruits for the fall semester, and watch some Georgia football! This was one of our most successful tailgates so far; we set up at 10 am and hung out at the lodge for pretty much the entire day, playing frisbee, football, and cornhole.

Unfortunately, we only have another week of classes and then finals are rolling around the corner. But we’re making the most of our final two weeks and fighting off the “end of the semester blue” by throwing a spring paint party! We had a paint party social last year and it went very well so we are anticipating a very fun time. We’re going to have neon paint flying through the air, live music performances, and, as always, a great time!