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It’s been a full week. The weather has been changing. National has had James Holman come and address concerns that were in the Alpha and we are all appreciative of his influence. 

There are only 2 actual weeks in the semester before finals and we are making waves in recruitment. After having an awesome event at the local arcade we are motivated and proud of the work we will be able to accomplish this upcoming semester. 

And to make the week even better, have you seen the game? In case you didn’t know, this was our Homecoming game against Appalachian State. 

Alpha Visit and General Upkeeping

So this was the week. James Holman of Central Office is down for the Alpha Visit. Addressing concerns and hopefully making the Alpha move in the forward direction. 

In other Alpha news, DE Whitfield has released a very strong email to all of the active members expressing our drive and motivation in expanding our efforts with our upcoming elections. 

Kevin Nutley has been preparing for the upcoming Spring recruitment. 

So the Alpha may seem to be pretty laid back at this time, but we are about to be in full force recruitment and preparations for the upcoming years. 

Welcome New Brothers!

So many of you have heard the great news! 

This weekend, 8 new men were initiated into the Fraternity. They are quality men and only show our improvements as a group and as a Brotherhood. They show great potential and we know they are going to keep the traditions strong. 

So Much Rain

It’s officially the end of Summer. And now we are full on getting ready to keep winning our Football games, rocking awesome tailgates, getting ready for Alumni/Parents Weekend and prepping our Pledges for Initiation. And much like our introduction to summer, we are met with a lot of rain. Which means its the perfect time to have some good friends, good stories and some nights around the fire. (In a fire pit of course, anything too risky violates risk management.)

Welcome to UGA Alpha Beta!

So you all know what game is happening literally TOMORROW. Because of that we have a large group of our Chi Psi Brothers coming down to hang out and tailgate with tomorrow. Oh and by the way, we are gonna win in football. But that should be a given by now. At least we’ll have fun tonight and tomorrow!