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Spring Update

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” -Winston Churchill

Founders Day is this weekend, as is the Dawgs’ Spring football game. Dinner will be held this Friday at the Georgia Center. The tailgate on Saturday begins at 10 am on our front lawn. All alumni are also welcome to attend the Alpha Alpha Delta Alumni Advisory Board meeting, also at 10 am.

We initiated 5 new brothers this semester, all freshman: Jack Keller, Chandler Crawford, Raj Bedi, Shaun Rawal and Bill Brooks.

Elections were held  at the beginning of April for all positions not including the Executive Board (but including Lodge Manager). The results are as follows:

Lodge Manager: Kevin Smith

Historian: Austin Derrickson

Pledge Educator: Austin DeFoor

Scholarship Chair: Jack Keller

Philanthropy Chair: Alex Wise

Intramural Sports Chair: Jordan Rubin

Social Chair: Chandler Crawford

Risk Management: Fabio Pagliarulo

Alumni Relations: Dylan Loveland

Congratulations to the new Chairs and a shout-out to James Hernandez for being voted “Most Outstanding Exec Board Member”. A special congratulations is in order for new brothers Jack Keller and Chandler Crawford on their respective Chairs. The election will come into effect next semester, Fall 2016.

Our annual Somers’ Ball was held the weekend of April 1st on Tybee Island. The event went over well and the Hotel Tybee staff has invited us back anytime.

Following our alpha meeting this evening, the brothers of Alpha Alpha Delta will face off against Beta Theta Pi in our first playoff game of the Intramural Softball Season. Should be a good time.

Renovations are complete in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. The interior of the Lodge has been totally repainted and the old carpet on the steps leading upstairs has been done away with in favor of a refinished surface. The columns attached to the back door are also finally complete. Special thanks to Brother Cofer, Dylan Loveland, our Lodge Manager Alex Chang and to all brothers that helped make the Lodge cleaner this semester than it ever has been since refounding.

We look forward to seeing all alumni and family this weekend.



Austin Derrickson AAD ’19



Fall Recap

“Cherish your human connections – your relationships with friends and family.” -Barbara Bush

Over the course of the last 4 months, Alpha Alpha Delta has undergone major, exciting changes. Our Alpha has nearly doubled in size and our campus involvement continues to grow. We initiated 16 new brothers, bringing our brotherhood to 43 active members: our largest in nearly 15 years.

Our growth has prompted us to start on two major renovations to the interior of the Lodge. We successfully installed a bathroom complex to our upstairs area and are currently undergoing kitchen renovations set to finish up within the month. Within the next two semesters, we hope to take advantage of our upgraded kitchen by establishing a meal plan available to brothers.

This semester we hosted three socials with the following sororities: Delta Gamma, Sigma Delta Tau and Delta Phi Epsilon. Our newly elected social chair, freshman Alex Norton, is already hard at work expanding our social calendar for the Spring.

In November, the brothers of Alpha Alpha Delta and their dates drove up to Gatlinurg, Tennessee for our annual Mountain Weekend. Our cabin this year was a three story complex complete with a pool, multiple hot tubs, and porches on each floor. The event was well-received by all.

Elections were held the week before Mountain Weekend. The results are as follows:

#1 Robert Freese

#2 Jonathan DuPre

#3 Aaron Conley

#4 James Hernandez

#5 John Coffin

#33 Henry Young

#38 Alex Chang

#5.5 (Assistance Pledge Educator): Austin DeFoor

Scholarship Chair: Jacob Mabrey

Alumni Relations Chair: Dylan Loveland

IM Chair: Jordan Rubin

Choragus Chair: Dylan Loveland

Historian Chair: Austin Derrickson

Social Chair: Alex Norton

Philanthropy Chair: Ashmal Ali

Risk Management Chair: Fabio Pagliarulo

IFC Representative: Kevin Smith

Brotherhood Chair: Kevin Smith

T-Shirt Chair: Henry Young

With the semester coming to a close, the brothers of Alpha Alpha Delta are hard at work in preparation for finals. We are determined to continue our recent improvements in the realm of academia. As an alpha, our average GPA has improved by nearly one grade point since last Spring.

While the strides we’ve made this semester are encouraging, there is a sentiment among the Alpha to work harder to retain our momentum and keep moving in the right direction. As gentlemen always in the pursuit of excellence, we are confident that our endeavors, be they academic or social, will result in success.


Yours in the brotherhood,

Brother Austin Derrickson AAD ’19

Lodge Historian