Alumni Spotlight

H. Leon Farmer III, class of ’92, pledged Chi Psi at the University of Georgia in 1986 as an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Political Science. His leadership skills showed early in his time at Chi Psi considering he was the president of his pledge class. As a brother, he ran for #1 in 1990 after returning from the Marine Corps. At this time, Alpha Alpha Delta of Chi Psi was nearing 100 members and was fortunate enough to host national convention. He told me that his leadership position in Chi Psi helped him with his problem solving, group dynamics, and public speaking skills. After graduating, Brother Farmer was the Alumni Advisor during the removal of fraternities from Lumpkin Street and received the Alumni of the Year award.

Brother Farmer married his wife Rebecca, who is also a University of Georgia graduate, in 1998. The Farmers have two young children who enjoy participating in martial arts with their father. These familial ties are very important to him and martial arts is a fun way to stay connected and active. In fact, Brother Farmer is the reason for the Leon Farmer Strength and Conditioning Award, which is earned through dedication to strength and conditioning to benefit the results of the UGA football team.

All together, Brother Farmer spent eight years of his life in the Marine Corps and was called to active duty during Operation Desert Storm. He was trained as a logistics specialist and, as a Corporal, he received the Marine Corps Commendation during Operation Desert Storm. His background in logistics helped him to become the successful president of Leon Farmer & Company that he is today.

Leon Farmer & Company is a three generation-old, family owned corporation that was chartered over sixty years ago. Brother Farmer’s great grandfather (H. Leon Farmer) was the president of the company at this time, though he later passed it down to his son (H. Leon Farmer jr), who finally relinquished it to H. Leon Farmer III (Brother Farmer). Today, he deals with anywhere from 800-1000 cases and manages 27 counties. To stay in touch with the demographic of the beer scene, he personally handles all social media relations. In 2005 he became the chairman of Anheuser-Busch Wholesale Advisory. To emphasize the previously mentioned strong familial relations, Brother Farmer told me that believes that “helping beer crafters keeps the spirit of his grandfather alive.”


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