Chi Psi has a rich history here at the University of Georgia. Since 1890 Chi Psi has produced many prominent Alumni from the University of Georgia. Furthermore, nationally Chi Psi has produced many Alumni that have helped shape America into what it is today.

1971 Myrtle Beach Formal

A Few Notable Alumni in Chi Psi:

John S. Pillsbury – Co-founder of Pillsbury Bakery/8th Governor of Minnesota

Herbert Fisk Johnson Sr. – Former President of S.C. Johnson and Co.

Samuel Curtis Johnson Jr.– Former Chair of S.C. Johnson and Co.

Dr. Herbert Fisk Johnson Jr. – Current President of S.C. Johnson and Co.

Prince Albert of Monaco – Ruler of Monaco

Charles Merrill – Founder of Merrill Lynch/ Former National President of Chi Psi

Edmund C. Lynch Jr. – Former Vice President of Merrill Lynch

Bill Belichick – Head Coach of the New England Patriots

Mark Bingham – American Hero due to his acts of heroism aboard United Flight 93 on Sept. 11th.

Stephen Ambrose – Author/Historian- “America’s Historian”

Hugh Hodgson – Hodgson School of Music at UGA.

Clarence Birdseye – Inventor of frozen foods

Leonard Herring – Former President and CEO of Lowe’s

However, it is not the promise of success that sustains our Alumni and Undergraduates alike. The relationships one builds within a fraternity last far beyond ones collegiate years. With every Alumni gathering we are reminded of why we joined to begin with; relationships that will outlast the test of time.

Chi Psi Scuba Trip

A Thing of the Spirit

“Chi Psi is an ideal, a thing of the spirit.  It has no embodiment: it has expression only in the fellowship of its Bonds, begun when life is young and not broken in old age.

Your love of Alpha is not for a Lodge, for brick or stone.  It is for handclasps, for song.  The Lodge you build to shelter memory and keep tradition green.

From 1841, it has been our boast that our Badge loses no luster when its wearer goes out into the world, but rather that his experience only makes him realize more fully what Chi Psi means to him.”

– John W Anderson, Psi 1889, Epsilon  1890

Howard Guest

If you’ve lived in Athens for any time, or possibly went to UGA in 70’s, you probably know Howard Guest. Howard grew up in Athens, pledged Chi Psi when he was a senior at Athens High, was number 2 twice, and during UGA served on the Chi Psi Executive Council as a student representative. Howard has lived quite a life. He’s owned businesses, been up and down, raised two boys and a girl ALL UGA grads, and flies airplanes for a living. But what you might not know about Howard is this: Howard’s a real life hero.

On October 16, 2018 Howard flew some clients to Auburn, AL on business. They left wheels up at 11:00 PM for the trip back to Atlanta. Within minutes the Cessna 182 single engine began running rough and losing power. Sparks flew from under the cowling, and the cabin began filling up with smoke. Then the engine totally stopped. All Howard could see was a road below with street lights, but that would be too dangerous a landing in a neighborhood with a risk of collateral damage. At 2000 feet altitude he knew he had only a few minutes until the plane went down. Howard then spotted car lights on a road in the distance and thought it must be the interstate highway. He turned to glide to the interstate but rapidly lost altitude. Once he cleared the tree line he saw he couldn’t land on the highway because of too many cars, so he turned to put the plane down on grass next to an exit ramp. The plane landed in one piece but skidded down to the trees and was demolished. The rear passenger went out the back and the other kicked the right side door open, and he and Howard escaped the plane. Howard was pretty banger up but not too badly, and his passengers escaped without even a scratch. Because of his quick thinking and pilot’s skill, Howard saved the lives of his passengers. And that is a real hero for you – our brother Howard Guest. Click click click click!

The Arch: Winter ’18 Edition

David Woodruff

Q: Where are you from & Where did you grow up?

A: Although I was born in San Diego, my earliest memories are all of growing up here in Athens. My dad was a professor at the University and I was fortunate to have my childhood rooted in the Athens community.

Q: How did you end up a Chi Psi?

A: My brother Jack, who is two years older than me, was in Chi Psi (AAD ’78) and began bringing me to the fraternity at the end of my junior year of high school. I actually pledged in late November or Early December of my senior year in high school. In those days you only had to be accepted to the University in order to pledge. I was president of our pledge class and served as the house manager for the two years I lived in the Lodge.

Q: Favorite/best memory of your time as an active?

A: I met my wife, Nancy, at a social with the AO Pi’s on October 11, 1978. That was by far my best and favorite memory. We’ve been married 36 years and raised four children together- three daughters and a son ranging in age from 28 down to 22.

Q: Since graduating, what have you been up to professionally?

A: I worked in health insurance in Chicago before I accepted an offer to return south and start the employee benefits division of a large regional property and casualty brokerage/consulting firm. When we sold the company 15 years later we had built it into the third largest privately held employee benefits brokerage/consulting firm in Georgia. For the last 3 1/2 years we’ve both been doing the same thing we’ve done for many years, but without the stress and work involved in owning a large firm.

Q: You’ve remained active as an alum. Can you share about your new Chi Psi initiative, the Four Pillars?

A: The Four Pillars program strives to keep both upperclass Actives and alumni present and engaged with their Alpha. The pillars are I) Inform, II) Mentor, III) Intern, and IV) Employ, and involve connecting Actives and alumni across a range of professional growth platforms.

Inform helps keep the Ative fraternity experience interesting and relevant. We bring in both young and mature alumni to talk at brothers meetings for 15-20 minutes about their experiences transitioning from college to work life. Doug (Yogi) Patterson has been running this Pillar since the fall and with the help of others has brought in a steady stream of alumni speakers who have given great talks. Going forward we’re actively seeking speakers on life skills topics like table manners, etiquette, business etiquette, interviewing skills, wine knowledge, etc.

Mentor is just rolling out now. We’re connecting Actives with alumni who are willing to serve as a mentor for an academic year. We will match alumni and Actives based on a questionnaire regarding skills and interests. The mentorship will be one academic year only, not an open-ended commitment of time and resources.

Intern seeks to match Actives with working alumni who can recommend or place candidates in internships. Some internships will be career, oriented, while others may simply be summer employment opportunities.

Employ seeks to match graduating actives with alumni employers in their desired field. We’re trying to capitalize on our vast network and connect qualified career seekers with hiring managers. With the unemployment rate under 4% numerous alumni have asked me how they can get the resumes of our soon to be graduates. Everyone wants a leg up on their competition!

From a practical level, each of the Pillars are run by an alumni advisor for a 12 to 15 month period. During this time each alumni advisor works with a separate Active who serves as the liasion to the Alpha. Actives seeking support can talk to the liasion to get set up in the Pillar program. We’re excited to have rolled out the 4 Pillars Program for a Lifetime of Brotherhood. The response has been overwhelming and enthusiastic. While we’re well underway, we still have much to do and want to keep the momentum going!

Q: How can alumni help support Four Pillars?

Contact Us! We’re looking for alumni interested in helping in all areas. We are seeking alumni who are interested in speaking at a meeting, volunteering as a mentor or placing Actives in internships or employment. The Pillars involve no financial contribution. We promise the commitment will be only to the level desired. Whether someone is willing to speak at a Brother’s meeting, mentor a young man, or simply point us in the right direction for Internships or Employment opportunities, we’ll gladly and appreciatively accept your involvement!

To assist with the Four Pillars program please contact any of the following:

David Woodruff:

706-614-7771 or by email –

Dave Hagaman, Secretary, Alumni Advisory Board

404-906-1976 or by email-

John Aitkens, Secretary, The Lodge Corporation

706-255-0998 or by email-

The Arch: Spring ’19 Edition
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