G-Day and Upcoming Events

UGA’s annual spring football game (G-Day) was this past Saturday. Seeing how we haven’t been able to have a Saturday game day in Athens in about five months, we were all very excited to tailgate, meet possible recruits for the fall semester, and watch some Georgia football! This was one of our most successful tailgates so far; we set up at 10 am and hung out at the lodge for pretty much the entire day, playing frisbee, football, and cornhole.

Unfortunately, we only have another week of classes and then finals are rolling around the corner. But we’re making the most of our final two weeks and fighting off the “end of the semester blue” by throwing a spring paint party! We had a paint party social last year and it went very well so we are anticipating a very fun time. We’re going to have neon paint flying through the air, live music performances, and, as always, a great time!

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